Road to the adoption and use of AI in and for the EU Public Sector
28/10/2021 - 09:30

Save the date: Road to the adoption and use of AI in and for the EU Public Sector

  • Ewa Chomicz
  • 28/10/2021 - 09:30
  • Working Group

The European Commission organises the 4th Peer-Learning Workshop on the use and impact of AI in the public sector, carried out in the context of the AI Watch initiative jointly handled by the JRC and DG CNECT. The aim of the activity which will take place online is to further pursue the co-creation work on a collaborative effort to sketch the “Road to better use of AI by and for the Public Sector”. This roadmap is meant to support the EU public sector on its way towards further implementation and use of AI-based systems and solutions in government, presenting a set of policy recommendations based on a state of the art analysis of AI use in Europe and worldwide. With a particular eye on digital transformation and in line with the principles of the Tallinn Ministerial Declaration on eGovernment, the roadmap should consider that AI must work for people for it to be a safe and lawful driver to achieve common good and wellbeing in society. 

Participants will be invited for half a day to discuss the draft roadmap prepared by the JRC research team and assess its suitability in their area of expertise. Attending high-level representatives of the EU Member States and other stakeholders engaged in AI governance and implementation will be encouraged to provide their feedback.

Full agenda and information on how to register will be made available in due course.


In the recently updated "Coordinated Action Plan"published on 21st April 2021, the European Commission and Member States of the European Union have committed to new actions to create EU global leadership on trustworthy AI. Significantly, the public sector is expected to become a trailblazer for using AI. To make this a reality steps must be taken to tackle challenges stemming from peculiarities of the public sector hindering innovative behaviour such as risk-adverseness, rigid procedures, lack of funding and expertise and more. Existing studies highlight the many difficulties public administration is facing in adopting and using innovative technologies. Read the "AI Watch - Artificial Intelligence in public services" report here.