12/06/2017 - 21:00

Science Café with Thomas Jung

  • 12/06/2017 - 21:00
Czech Liaison Office for Research, Development and Innovation, Representation of the South Moravian Region to the EU and teh Czech Centre are pleased to announce that the eighth Science Café, an unconventional open discussion with scientist, will take place on 6 December 2017 in Pilsen House in Brussels.  Our guest will be Thomas Jung, one of the most renowned Phytophthora experts in the world.  Phytophthora is a genus of plant-damaging Oomycetes (water molds), whose member species are capable of causing enormous economic losses on crops worldwide, as well as environmental damage in natural ecosystems. Thomas Jung has studied the Phytophthora species, their impacts on natural and semi-natural ecosystems, their pathways and possible management through his scientific career. His major scientific achievements are the first evidences of Phytophthora species being involved in widespread forest declines in Europe; the development of new methods for the isolation of Phytophthora spp.; the coordination of the largest forest disease survey in European history and the detection and description of more than 30 new Phytophthora species. Stations in his professional career were the Technical University of Munich (Germany), Murdoch University (Australia) or the University of Algarve (Portugal). His current institution is the Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic, where he runs the Phytophthora Research Centre. You can find more information abour our guest here: http://www.phytophthora.org/team/thomas-jung/ Registration here: http://geform.tc.cz/science_cafe8