21/10/2017 - 16:00

Switch - an international exploration of light, transforming life

During the World Design Event, which is part of the Dutch Design Week, the platform 'Switch' will be presented at the City Hall and City Square of Eindhoven. The kick off of this exciting program is on Saturday October 21. It will be an international exploration of Light, transforming life. The lighting industry is now focusing on meaningful solutions that can help improve quality of life. In the meantime, cities all over the world are replacing their lamp posts with intelligent lighting. Not only providing sustainable light but also creating the capability for a multitude of other services through integrated sensors and camera’s. Eindhoven is currently experiencing a wasteland of data technology in the city, which shouts for a joint approach and investment. In addition, the inhabitants of the city still barely have an idea of what this means for their daily lives. Before we know what we want and what we do not want, we need to become aware of what will happen next. You are invited to participate in this exploration from different perspectives! The event is free. Please register here.