Taking stock of our waters and its future: discussing the Water Framework Directive in prelude to its 2019 review

Location: vleva, Kortenberglaan 71, Brussels
Event Date: 2017-07-05
Time: 09:15:00

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Member Event

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The European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC), together with the Liaison agency Flanders-Europe (vleva) and the Flemish Environmental Advisory Council (Minaraad) kindly invite you to the conference on the state of play of the implementation and the future of the Water Framework Directive - WFD. 

According to the WFD all EU member states should have reached the good water status in 2015 – subject to extensions until 2027 at the latest. The European Commission is currently evaluating the second generation of the river basin management plans, i.e. the implementation of the measures in the member states. On the basis of the remaining “distance to target” and the challenges ahead, it is reasonable to presume that no European member state will really be able to comply with the WFD in 2027. The conference wants to focus on the evaluation and consider all options for the coming years and for the post-2027 situation.

Registration is open until 29th June.