05/12/2017 - 12:15

Tourism WG Meeting

During this high-level and interactive discussion we will learn more about the Iron Curtain Trail, a project that invites people to retrace and experience the former division of the continent on a 6,800 km cycle track along the length of the former border, combining European culture, history and sustainable tourism. The European Parliament has called on EU member states to support the proposal to promote the route of the former Iron Curtain as a “tourist trail that would preserve the memory of the division of the continent, show how it has been overcome through peaceful European reunification, and promote a European identity.” Our guest speaker will be MEP Michael Cramer (Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance), Member of former Chair of the TRAN Committee. With our second guest speaker, Anna Athanasopoulou, Head of Unit - Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries, DG Growth, we will explore what regional contribution/input the European Commission would need from regions for the implementation of the tourism priorities at European level and what activities could be planned in collaboration that serve the interests and needs of both the Commission and the regions. This discussion will be of interest to experienced policy experts from the network. We expect the event to stimulate a lively dialogue and also contribute to the creation of a positive image of the network and the Tourism WG to the European Parliament and the European Commission.  Please see the attached agenda and please note that the number of spaces is limited.  Very welcome.