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27/01/2021 - 15:00

Towards a green and circular economy in the Euro-Mediterranean region

The European Union has through the Green Deal paved the way towards a sustainable Europe, in which a green and circular economy plays an imperative role. The aim of this webinar is to introduce interested ERRIN members to the Green Growth Community, and the many ways of benefitting from the Green Growth project activities led by ERRIN. The webinar will provide valuable insights into some of the results developed by the community, which aim to boost the sustainable development of various sectors, and the impact these results have had in regions around Europe. Moreover, the future of Interreg will be presented together with opportunities of Interreg for greener European projects.


Green Public Procurement for energy efficient renovations

The newly launched Renovation Wave aims to step up the annual energy renovation rates in Europe in the next ten years. How can public authorities ensure effective Green Public Procurement in energy efficient renovations of public buildings? The GRASPINNO project will present tools which can facilitate the public procurement process for public administrations, and share best practices on how to include green criteria in the public purchasing process. We will also present how the Greek Ministry of Development and Investments has successfully used the project outcomes for the development of the country’s national Growth Strategy for the Future.

Zero inorganic waste for the agri-food sector

Many regions are tackling the problem of plastic waste management by farmers and agri-food companies, who are struggling with large amounts of inorganic waste. Different solutions to prevent and minimise waste and valorise the use of biodegradable materials have successfully been tested in horticultural production in Andalusia within the framework of the REINWASTE project. The results and recommendations of the project have contributed to several regional policy documents and action plans in Andalusia and will further be considered in the 2021 update of the regional Circular Bioeconomy Strategy.

Assessing the environmental, social and economic impact of products

The PEFMED project used the new method for measuring sustainability performance developed by the European Commission - the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) - to help SMEs assess the environmental, social and economic impact of their agri-food products throughout their lifecycle. The tool and good practices can help SMEs transform their practices and assist regional authorities in furthering sustainable development in the region. National roadmaps have been developed in cooperation with policy-makers with the aim to extend the PEF method to new agri-food supply chains and clusters, and to favour SMEs’ eco-innovation.


The Interreg MED Green Growth Community promotes and furthers green and circular economy in the Euro-Mediterranean region. As a partner in the Green Growth project, ERRIN’s role is to promote the uptake of the community’s innovative results and outcomes to European, national and regional policy-makers.

The Green Growth Community was labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean in 2019 acknowledging its potential to advance cooperation in the transition to a green and circular economy in the Mediterranean region. Moreover, the Green Growth Community has been recently selected to become a new member of the Coordination Group of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform.


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If you have any questions related to the webinar, please contact Heidi Johansson at the ERRIN Secretariat: [email protected].