Towards a Zero Carbon Economy Beyond 2030 | Sustainable Urban Centres

Location: University of Malta – Valletta Campus
Event Date: 2017-05-29
Time: 09:00:00

Event Type:

Member Event

Working Group:

Energy & Climate Change



Climate-KIC and Paragon Europe are highlighting the climate challenges in the cradle of civilisation, to create a world's first zero carbon economy solution in the Mediterranean by 2030 and issue an important Valletta Declaration from the conference that binds generations to come.

By organising a conference around 3 important pillars, the challenges and solutions in green urban centres, circular economy and green finance, Climate-KIC will also showcase the key deliverables achieved so far on Smart Sustainable Districts and its plans to extend the flagship programme to the Mediterranean.

The Smart Sustainable Districts (SSD) is a Climate-KIC programme that works closely with highly ambitious districts, such as Malta, across Europe to identify innovative solutions to their sustainability and climate change challenges.

Throughout the conference the focus will be on low carbon mobility concepts, the operation of smart grids, energy neutral buildings, the promotion of efficient water management and improvement of public and green spaces.

Paragon Europe's signature approach in tandem with Climate-KIC is to provide solutions to the challenges. A series of keynotes and presentations in the morning will be followed by afternoon workshops where solutions to challenges will be provided.

As the key outcome, Mediterranean countries and member states of the European Union take note and declare ourselves supportive of the private sector-driven "Valletta Declaration on a Mediterranean Zero Carbon Economy by 2030" objective, completing the vision towards a zero carbon economy in the region.

More details about the programme and the speakers can be found here.