05/12/2018 - 11:00

University-Industry Collaboration across Borders – CALIN seminar

  • 05/12/2018 - 11:00
The seminar will provide information on the creation of the CALIN network and the role of EU funding in supporting opportunities for university-industry collaboration to deliver economic benefits to EU regions. Creating partnerships - establishing collaborative models from concept to implementation. The session will explore CALIN from project concept to delivery. The role of EU funding to enable its formation and deliver cross-border academic collaboration. Delivering university-industry cross border collaboration - insights from business, health and other regions on the benefits of collaborative working. This session will highlight the economic benefits of cross-border collaboration and how EU funds enable skill, knowledge and expertise transfer to SMEs. Sustaining programmes - continuing cross border programmes and their value for university-industry collaborations. Open discussion focusing on: Effective ways to sustain cross border collaboration. Who needs to be involved in cross border programmes? What role do collaborative programmes have in upskilling and workforce development? What features should future cross border funding programmes have? We invite participants to share their experiences of collaborative working and contribute to discussions about the future shape, direction and sustainability of cross border collaborative working across Europe. Please register your interest by clicking on the "External Link" above.     CALIN is a four-year project involving universities, businesses and health organisations funded by the Interreg EU-Ireland Wales Programme from 2014-2020.