04/11/2018 - 11:00

Waste to resource: A new circular economy for the plastic packaging value chain

The CIRC-PACK H2020 project invites all interested stakeholders to  a midday conference on the transition towards a circular value chain for the plastic packaging sector.   The objective of the conference is to present the project CIRC-PACK to all the actors in the plastic packaging value chain and gather their concerns, interests and experiences. This also includes the development of new bio-based materials (biopolymers) and thus the chemical industry is one of the main stakeholders of this project. This event will boost the discussion from different perspectives (consumers, business and administration) to analyse the social acceptance of innovations applied during the project, the barriers to embrace new plastic packaging and regulation to foster the market uptake of bio-based products. Packaging value chain stakeholders cooperation will provide feedback from the situation in the territories and sectors they represent, the legislative framework, the market for the products developed during the project and the funding measures for pushing this initiative. Industrial symbiosis and collaborations will be enhanced as well. Among the target stakeholders, public authorities have a relevant role, as plastic waste is an important component of Municipal Solid Waste, why ERRIN members are specifally invited to participate. See the full agenda above