Watify matchmaking event on Photonics

Location: Villa Fabbricotti Via V. Emanuele II n. 62-64 Florence, Italy
Event Date: 2017-06-14
Time: 09:00:00

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Member Event

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WATIFY, an awareness-raising campaign, is an initiative funded by the European Commission to support the modernisation of Europe’s industries and their techological transformation.

The matchmaking event, organized in cooperation with the Regional Governement of Tuscany, aims at  strengthening inter-regional cooperation between public and private stakeholders and promoting joint initiatives and joint demonstration projects in Photonics.

Bilateral meetings between different actors, in combination with multilateral working group meetings and pitches/presentations will aim at fostering the much needed cooperation. The working groups are:

  • Lasers in manufacturing, advanced metrology and quality control
  • Imaging and displays
  • Photonics in ICT
  • Photonics in Aerospace

  • Photonics in life sciences
  • Photonics in life sciences