People sitting around a table with papers and computers
19/11/2019 - 14:30

WG Leaders Strategy Workshop – planning for 2020 - Culture and Creative Industries, ICT, and Health clusters

  • Anna Tranberg
  • 19/11/2019 - 14:30

In order to start planning WG activities for 2020, all WG leaders are invited to a workshop where we will discuss the policy context, project development, and possible topics for the year ahead.

The WGs will meet according to their respective cluster:

Culture and Creative Industries, ICT, and Health clusters: Design & Creativity, Health, ICT, Tourism (19 November)

Circular Economy and Low Carbon clusters: Bioeconomy, Blue Growth, Energy & Climate Change, Smart Cities, Transport (20 November)

Horizontal cluster: Innovation & Investment, Opening Science, Policy, Smart Specialisation (25 November)

The workshop will also include the ERRIN projects: DigitalHealthEurope, inDemand, MIREU, Pilots4U, UNaLab WE4AHA, and the transnational outreach programme ESPON.

To feed in ideas, please contact the WG leaders and the responsible person at the ERRIN secretariat. Attendance is reserved for WG leaders.

During the meeting the following points will be discussed:

Create an overview of the key EU level processes and strategies related to the WG’s theme.  What are the hot topics at the EU level in this area? Are there key events organised by the EU institutions or other relevant organisations that should not be missed? How can the WG activities fit in? Would you want to do something related to the processes, strategies, or events? 
Useful documents for inspiration: ERRIN contribution to the Horizon Europe strategic planning process and proposed priorities for the new Commission and DGs

What are the key funding programmes for the WG? How do you plan to facilitate project development in the WG?

What topics would you like to focus on and not focus on for the year ahead? What do you want to achieve by focusing on these topics? What activities are best suited to accomplish what you would want to do? Where could there be collaboration with other WGs? Are there key topics or thematic areas where you would like to propose your “own” ERRIN project?

What does your WG’s membership look like? How could you involve the wider membership in your WG meetings over the year?