Workshop: Design and get involved in the next H2020 bioenergy proposals

Location: Brussels
Event Date: 2017-09-13
Time: 08:30:00

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Member Event

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START building your consortium with excellent partners in the field of bioenergy NOW

The workshop "Design and get involved in the next H2020 bioenergy proposals" aims at generating and developing H2020 projects in the field of bioenergy.


The aim of this event is to generate and develop projects responding to the bioenergy challenges addressed by the Horizon 2020 framework programme for the time frame 2018-2019, by connecting industry, the scientific community, and the public sector. It will provide a unique opportunity to make new contacts, establish new partnerships and develop projects in a multisector approach.


The workshop/brokerage event is planned as a full-day event, focusing on relevant bioenergy topics addressing stationary bioenergy (heating, power, and cooling), bioenergy carriers and biofuels. Detailed information of the topics can be found in the attachment on this page.
In order to make the workshop efficient, structured and successful, the participants are invited to provide an outline of their project ideas/expertise and/or challenges prior to the event by filling in the form attached (attachment 2) and sending it to no later than 30 August.


The event is free of charge, registration mandatory! Online registration no later than 21 August.
For further information, please contact
Aiming at a wide spectrum of participants from industry, the research community and the public sector, this event is a great opportunity for ERRIN members to establish partnership and build up joint proposals with other networks, complementing the expertise represented by ERRIN.