Navarre is an autonomous region located at the Northeast of Spain. Navarra has got powers and autonomy for the design and implementation of public policies on a variety of fields, including the research and innovation area. Navarra has a dynamic economy and is the 2nd most innovative region in Spain in terms of R&D expenditure (1.91% of GDP in 2012, from which almost 70% was conducted by private firms).

Key Topics & Areas of Interest

The IV Technology Plan for Navarre (2012-2015) encourages R&D and innovation activities according to a set of priorities or areas that have been continuously promoted by the regional government during the 21st century. The axes of this plan are:

  • Smart specialisation;
  • Social innovation;
  • Open innovation as a result of the need for collaboration in R&D in order to be competitive; and
  • Internationalisation of R&D. The objective is to integrate regional innovation into the European Research Area and global networks.

The RIS3 strategy for Navarre (RIS3-MODERNA) includes several priorities which are related with advanced manufacturing such as green vehiclesrenewable energiesagro-food sectoreco-industry and health industry.

Latest Updates

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

H2020-SUSTAINABLE FOOD SECURITY - Partners search SFS-16-2018 Towards healthier and sustainable food

The Institute on Innovation & Sustainable Development in Food Chain (IS-FOOD), from the Public University of Navarre, Spain, is searching for partners (included a coordinator) to apply to the following call:   TOPIC: Towards healthier and sustainable food (SFS-16-2018) Types of action:    RIA Research and Innovation action Model: two-stage 1st stage Deadline: 13 February 2018 17:00:00 2nd stag

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

Improving the performance of inefficient district heating networks / EE-02-2017

The Government of Navarra is developing the project EFFIDISTRICT.FWD where one of the actions is to renew existing District Heating in one of the neighborhoods of Pamplona. The aim is to support the renewal of these facilities to improve their energy performance and to ensure their survival over time.