The Regional Fund for Science and Technology (FRCT) is a public body supervised under the sphere of Regional Secretariat for the Sea, Science and Technology of the Regional Government of the Azores (Portugal), with legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy.

About Us

It plays an important role in foster national and international cooperation among research institutions and it is a privileged channel for the Azores Regional Government participation in international projects and collaborative activities with external entities to strengthen regional research in all fields of science.

Key Topics & Areas of Interest

FRCT mission is to promote the Science and Technology System of the Azores (SCTA) R&D+I, through the following actions:

– Funding of Research Grants & Fellowships;
– Promoting the participation of other SCTA entities in international programs and projects;
– Providing support to the SCTA in the preparation of project proposals;
– Participating in R&D+I projects under external financing programmes.

Latest Updates