Grand Est Region

Located in the heart of Europe, the Grand Est Region is sharing borders with 4 very dynamic countries : Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Third industrial region in France, Grand Est is acting to prepare for the Industry of the future and to become one of the European leaders in the bioeconomy. The major regional territory’s assets are various: automotive industry, chemistry-materials, wood-forest, machinery-equipment, health technologies, renewable energy, agro-food and agro-resources industry. Grand Est also pursues two important challenges: first, to implement the « European valley of artificial intelligence », from Dunkirk to Basel; Second to support all companies and stakeholders in their digitalization process. To strengthen regional attractiveness and competitiveness, one of the main competences of French regions, Grand Est promotes research and innovation activities in the region. The higher education and research sector of Grand Est represents 209 000 students, 11 000 researchers from public and private research centres and 180 laboratories.

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Grand Est Region

S3 Strategy

By implementing its smart specialisation strategy, the Grand Est Region wants to offer companies new partnership opportunities contributing to the three major transitions that the territory is experiencing: the industrial, ecological and digital transitions. By orienting its smart specialisation strategy more specifically towards the digital transition, the Grand Est Region aims to support the digital transformation of companies, organisations and relations with citizens, through support for the acquisition of digital skills (AI, Big Data, Cloud, cybersecurity ...). For 2021-2027, S3 of Grand Est will support projects and investments prioritised around the three thematic sectors of excellence of the territory: Industry, Health and Bioeconomy. All initiatives must also meet the following eight sectoral priorities: technologies and equipment for industrial transition, Recycling and functionalisation of materials for industry and for construction, medical biotechnologies, digital tools for health, medical devices, molecules and bio-based materials, tools and systems for sustainable and smart management of natural resources, energy systems and their performance.

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  • By Astrid Hannes

Open call for technical assistance: Harnessing talent, empower regions

Until 20 October 2023, 46 regions that have been identified as facing a sharp working-age population decline, in combination with a low and stagnating share of people with tertiary education and brain drain can apply for an open call for technical assistance under the Talent Booster Mechanism.

  • By Lucy Hammond

Rhine-Meuse Forum 2023: Call for abstracts Innovative projects in mobility and transport

Grand Est-Europe and the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the European Union are launching a call for abstracts for innovative projects in mobility and transports, in the framework of the Rhine-Meuse Forum to be held on 12 April 2023 in Brussels. A scientific poster session will offer the opportunity to project stakeholders to present their territorial or technological innovation actions carried out in the transport and mobility sectors. The call for papers is open until March 24, 2023.

  • By Lucy Hammond

100 ERRIN member cities and regions become signatories of the EU Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change Charter

During the recent European Research and Innovation Days, the European Commission announced the 2nd wave of signatories to the EU Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change Charter, with a further 100 regions and local authorities signing. Of the now 215 signatories, a staggering 100 are associated with ERRIN member cities and regions.

  • By Lucy Hammond

Forum Rhine-Meuse "Mobility in Europe: Which solutions to a sustainable and borderless transport?"

Co-organised by Grand Est-Europe and the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU, the Rhine-Meuse Forum 2023: "Mobility in Europe: Which solutions for sustainable and borderless transport" is taking place on 12 April.

  • By Alice Schafer

Symposium on transdisciplinary research for a healthy planet

The University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne is organising the first edition of the Symposium on transdisciplinary research for a healthy planet on 30-31 March 2023. The conference will aim to show how research can respond to the challenges of ecological transition and the preservation of our planet with a European dimension.

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

University of Reims Champagne Ardenne - JPICH « Conservation and Protection »

Project objectives To develop materials, technologies and procedures for long-term maintenance, secure access, conservation and in-situ preservation of cultural heritage. Project actions The consortium gathers conservation scientists, chemists, microbiologists and geologists from academic institutes and universities from Spain, Portugal and France.   They develop their research acti