Autonomous road safety in cities – come and test the technology!

Date: 17/08/2018

The Pavnext technology, a new innovative solution for the promotion of road safety in an urban environment that is under development (TRL6) and which has been receiving several distinctions in the areas of road safety, smart cities and clean/renewable energies (see the pitch).

Pavnext technology acts on the road pavement surface. It reduces the vehicles' speed from 50 to 30 km/h by extracting kinetic energy from it, without inducing any impact to the vehicle or discomfort to its occupants.

Therefore, Pavnext is the first solution to promote road safety autonomously from the infrastructure and independently of any driver action.

The harvested energy is converted with a very high efficiency into electrical energy, which can be used to supply local electrical devices, as road and crosswalk illumination, or to be injected into the electrical grid. Additionally, the same solution allows to monitor traffic and energy (Smart Data), which can be used to adjust the energy consumption of the place to the real needs, in real time (energy efficiency), and to provide reports and alerts to local authorities, allowing them to optimize traffic flows and energy consumptions.

To better understand this value proposition and technology, please see this video.

Validation of this technology in real environment requires pilot testing in regions/cities. Interested authorities are invited to apply their own national/regional funds for the implementation.

Benefits for the pilot sites:

  • Access to a disruptive technology
  • Network with the other pilot sites
  • Become a reference point in autonomous road safety
  • Have access to traffic and energy data

If you are interested to know more about this opportunity, please contact

Deadline for the expression of interest: 20th of September.