DG EAC publishes call for 'European Universities'

At the 2017 Gothenburg Summit, EU leaders outlined a vision for education and culture. This included, amongst other things, to strengthen strategic partnerships across the EU between higher education institutions and to encourage the emergence by 2024 of “European Universities” – bottom-up networks of universities across the EU, which enable students to obtain a degree by combining studies in more than one Member State. The call published DG EAC on the 24 October responds to this demand and will also work to strengthen the international competitiveness of European universities. In short, the 'European Universities' action aims to establish: A shared, integrated, long-term joint strategy for education with, where possible, links to research and innovation and society at large. A European higher education inter-university ‘campus‘ offering curricula where students body can experience mobility at all study levels; European knowledge-creating teams addressing together societal challenges in a multi-disciplinary approach. Deadline for submitting applications: 28 February 2019. For more information regarding the call please click here.