First Results from Smart Cities Manifesto Ambassador Cities

On the 23rd of November 2016, the EIP-SCC Manifesto on Citizen Engagement was launched during the Conference Inclusive Smart Cities: A European Manifesto on Citizen Engagement. Being the result of a successful co-creation experiment, the Manifesto was in fact drafted with the direct engagement of more than 50 stakeholders that actively contributed to shape its contents. Thanks to a sound dissemination strategy and being co-promoted with ICLEI Europe and ERRIN, it has reached multiple European and international stakeholders, being endorsed by more than 120 public and private sectors representatives. The document calls for commitment, to act and implement city measures towards the citizen needs, building up a structured supporting scheme for them in the new generation of smart cities. Amongst the various activities it recalls, some are more knowledge exchange oriented, others more focused on the development of collaborative and co-creation models which use innovative solutions for the benefit of the civil society, with particular attention towards weaker and excluded categories.  Since March, the Action Cluster Citizen Focus has devoted its efforts to disseminate the Manifesto, by offering the document in multiple languages, as well as by conducting a series of follow up activities, leading to the selection of Ambassador Cities. Cities authorities and representatives of Smart Departments were asked to share their experience and best practices on the implementation of initiatives driven by the Manifesto principles. Around 10 Smart Cities have been interviewed so far between May and June 2017 and preliminary results were presented with the AC members during the Action Cluster Meeting on 20 June 2017. Read more about the survey and the RoadMap for 2018 on the EIP-SCC website here.