The Guild publishes position paper and proposals for R&I missions for FP9

The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities is now sharing its position paper on the mission-driven approach for the EU’s next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9). The network of 19 universities across Europe welcomes the Commission’s plans to adopt R&I missions, that will address the Sustainable Development Goals from a European perspective, foster interdisciplinary research and help articulate its impact more effectively. In order to be successful, The Guild recommends that the approach will incorporate the following principles: Missions should build on Europe’s research excellence and make long-term contributions to global challenges by providing more opportunities for collaborative research. To achieve wide-ranging societal impact and address different societal concerns, the variety of missions should cover all disciplines. Missions should integrate research-led education in their outreach and societal engagement. Besides these principles, The Guild makes six wider recommendations for the missions approach that are described in the attached position paper. They also consulted their network to propose topics for future missions, which resulted in five mission proposals covering a broad range of disciplines: fighting anti-microbial resistance  increasing healthy life years of Europeans through personalised medicine  developing sustainable cities and landscapes restoring the cultural authority of science eradicating Europe’s digital divides Full descriptions of these ideas for missions can be read in the attached document, as well as on the website.