Open Call for Regional Development Agencies’ Participation in OaSIS project (H2020)

  • Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha
  • 02/07/2018
To help regional development agencies and other entities supporting innovating SMEs in Europe to improve their SME segmentation and innovation support services, the OaSIS project seeks to establish cooperation agreements and launches a public call for participation. Eurada, Linknovate, and Cracow University of Technology initiated the project, funded by the European Commission’s H2020 program (GA No 777443). Interested entities are invited to demonstrate their commitment with submitting the application form before July 13 2018, available at the website http://projectoasis.eu. In a nutshell, the potential and future applicants will participate on this projects in different ways because the program is frame worked in 4 levels : 1)Third Party Level- Agreement to share all data on SME segmentation and innovation support for the OaSIS project’s objectives and for the ultimate enhancement of the participant’s own innovation support instruments, SME segmentation methodologies, and impact assessment. Integration as official third party with a dedicated budget. 2)High level- Agreement to share all or some data on SME segmentation and innovation support. Benefit from OaSIS’ results and participate in expert interviews and transnational benchmark. Some of these participants may be nominated as landmark role model. 3) Standard Level- On top of benefiting from OaSIS results, participate in expert interviews and transnational benchmarking with peers. 4) Basic level- Participate to benefit from OaSIS’ results. Test software and receive support to use OaSIS methodology and software. The expiration date is set for the 13th of July. The expression of interest in being made by filling in the following questionnaire: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Project_OaSIS