Science for Energy Policy: Quadruple Helix Eco-innovation - Brno

  • Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha
  • 05/06/2019
On 5-6 June in Brno URBIS Smart City Fair will take place. The event will focus on the issues of smart cities, combining together under the same roofs a conference with expert speakers from abroad and a presentation of companies offering specific solutions. Detailed information are available here. One of the side events is the one-day workshop on eco-innovation solutions in the energy system organised within Science meets Parliaments/Science Meets Regions inititative of the European Parliament. The main objective of the event is to organize and foster so called “evidence-based policymaking” for local and national governance structures. The event will be a one-day series of a keynote lecture, round-table discussion, and a final joint lecture panel organized by the City of Brno, Department of Cooperation and Development, to reach the maximum impact on the society as a whole.  The project seeks to bring together multiple stakeholders to develop a local clean energy knowledge platform. Its overarching goal is to highlight the importance of the science-policy nexus and its potential benefits for the eco-innovation energy sector.   Main objectives: • For political representation: gathering of evidence of state-of-the-art technologies ready to be developed or implemented; evidence of public support; evidence of business interest • For businesses: presentation of evidence of technological readiness; customer preferences • For academia/research/development: demonstration of gauging interest in public utility & commercialization; identify possible sources of funding for future research   • For citizens: presentation of evidence of new technologies with reduced negative impacts on human and environmental health; cost savings reward system; decentralized energy solutions bringing more control and incentives over individual behaviour    Workshop design: • Side event of the Urbis fair with required registration. Open to all visitors, free of charge. • There will be two parts, each with 2 roundtables, i.e. 4 topics to be discussed. • Every participant and keynote speakers will receive materials before the conference. These materials are prepared by the Six Research Centre that is involved in the RUGGEDISED project as a partner. The organisers are looking for people involed in other H2020 Lighthouse projects like RUGGEDISED - if you are intereasted, please visit the website: http://www.ruggedised.eu/.   More information: https://www.smartcityfair.cz/sciencemeetsregions/. The registration are available here.