Upgrading Our Energy System: Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan

Date: 27/07/2017

More emphasis on batteries for future UK energy policy.

Our energy system is changing. There is more low carbon generation, much of it located close to people’s homes and businesses, and it produces different amounts of electricity depending on factors like the time of day or the weather. New technologies such as storage are emerging and the costs of many of these technologies are falling rapidly. If we take advantage of the opportunities this provides, we can create new businesses and jobs, empower consumers and help people save up to £40bn off their energy bills in the coming decades. 
This Plan is an important part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy, the forthcoming Clean Growth Plan, and a core component of Ofgem’s future-facing work to enable the energy system transition.

It is supported by the Government’s significant increase in public research and innovation spending, including on new storage technologies.