Opera as a model of inclusion at the service of learning and new ways of education

Call Title:
Support to European cooperation projects - Third quarter 2016
Working Group:
Deadline of the Call:
Partners type and roles of interest:
Specific objectives: Acquire the knowledge that will allow to carry out an opera from the beginning until sunset scene. Learn that individual work is important, but the cooperative work is much more important and every link comes together in a common goal. Move the personal knowledge outside the classroom with a sunset in a real scene. Develop a critical sense with own work and group works. Enjoy a different learning method.  Put an opera in scene. Valuate different approaches and possibilities of a future employment. Participate actively in a real project. Learn and understand that teamwork is more important than individuality. Learn about new and different cultures and languages. Participate in a project with people of different intellectual abilities and differences in culture Financial aspects
Partners Involved:
Spain: Ópera de Cámara de Navarra (project leader), Fundación Atena, Colegio Salesianos, Escuela de Arte Corella, Colegio Griseras Tudela. Portugal: National Conservatory Lisbon United Kingdom: Emmanuel School.