EURASHE Networking event on modernisation of higher education

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EURASHE will organise a ‘Networking event on modernisation of higher education’ for its members, representatives of European institutions and stakeholders in Brussels on 16 June 2017. 
The aim of the networking event is to learn about and discuss together current trends and challenges in higher education at European and national levels, the European Commission’s updated modernisation agenda for higher education and how could institutes of higher education respond to it. 
The networking event will be followed by the EURASHE summer cocktails. 


  • Presentation of developments in selected European countries (BE-FL, IE, PT and overview from Central & Southeastern Europe region)
  • EURASHE priorities and activities, Stéphane Lauwick, President of EURASHE 
  • Revised Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education, Sarah Lynch, Head of Sector, European Commission

16:00- EURASHE Summer Cocktails