ESPON - Supporting policy-making with territorial evidence, 15 years and beyond

The morning session “ESPON - Supporting policy-making with territorial evidence, 15 years and beyond” is animated by the ESPON MA, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Luxembourg and addresses progress on the role and achievements related to EU Cohesion Policy in relation to the policy support with territorial evidence. The audience will be informed upon the results and foreseen impact of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme and invited to develop ideas about the evolution of the ESPON Programme in the future. This session shall enlarge ESPON audience and reach stakeholders so far not aware of the potentialities of the ESPON Programme and the usefulness of its results. It should increase the understanding of the concrete needs of the target groups of ESPON and the understanding of how the programme can be further improved and developed.


The afternoon session “How to get involved - countries regions and cities benefit from ESPON activities” is animated by the ESPON EGTC as the Single Beneficiary of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme and the main body implementing the content side of the Programme. This session  aims at promoting awareness and encouraging potential stakeholders to apply for ESPON targeted analyses to support their policy-making processes by show-casing examples of recent work and offering hands-on information on how to get involved as well a possibility for project partner search. Targeted Analyses are powerful means to transfer knowledge, share experience and facilitate the use of European territorial evidence rooted in real place-based policy development processes. ESPON Targeted analyses are demand-driven and tailor-made research activities that since 2007 have provided support at all stages of policy development to a wide range of stakeholders representing their cities, regions, national governments, as well as EU funded programmes.


The Programme and the registration for the ESPON day on 14 November 2017 in Brussels will be available by the 31 August 2017 at the ESPON’s website