Industrial scale verification of technology for reuse of lead crystal from landfills - EIT Raw materials

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EIT Raw materials
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Ragn-Sells AB is one of the largest recycling company in Sweden. Ragn-Sells have as a business idea to offer and create efficient solutions to minimize, take care of and recycle waste into resources. They currently operate a treatment site within the Kingdom of Crystal in Småland. In the current study the major part is within sorting, both in time and funding. Ragn-Sells has unique competences within the sorting of waste. RISE Glass is a section within the polytechnic institute RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. RISE is a fusion between SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Swedish ICT and Innventia and has as their main task to be Sweden’s research and innovation partner for the industry and society. As a strong, independent research institute, RISE offers a broad spectrum of specialty skills and services. RISE Glass is located at the premises of Linnaeus University in Växjö. One of the focus areas of RISE Glass is circular economy where waste management is an important part. Currently is RISE Glass involved in projects finding ways to separate lead from glass in excavations of landfills. SGU - The Geological Survey of Sweden – is the expert agency for issues relating to bedrock, soil and groundwater in Sweden. One key task is to meet society's need for geological information. SGU is also responsible for the Good-Quality Groundwater objective, which also involves reducing the use of natural gravel and also reducing the leaching of heavy metals to the ground water. Orranäs bruk is a company that exploit a park in Orrefors with the purpose to take advantage of the resources in the landfills that are present within the Kingdom of Crystal. The first step is to create a phytopark that in pedagogic way show plants that have the possibilities to purify soil, water and air. Within the park a "green" glass workshop will be founded where the walls of the workshop are created from plants and the forthcoming steps includes to develop methods to exploit landfill glass in different applications i.e. circular economy in practice.
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RISE, Ragn-Sells, SGU, Orranäsbruk