European Industry Week - Opportunity to organise a local event

Audience: ERRIN Members
Date: 27/11/2017

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The second 'European Industry Day' will take place on 22-23 February 2018. To accompany the event, the European Commission would like to organise a series of local events across Europe during the same week as part of 'Industry Week' (19 - 23 February 2018). Organising a local event under the umbrella of the 2018 European Industry Week is an excellent opportunity to bring visibility to the event and to contribute to the reflection sparked by the event and to contribute to its proceedings.

Stakeholders from any sector of industry, research and innovation are now invited to submit their proposals for organising a local event. Organisers are free to structure the local events in their preferred format, duration and venue. 

To apply, fill-in the questionnaire and submit it by midday, 8 January 2018 (Brussels time). The Commission will inform applicants of the results of the selection process by 26 January 2018.

More information on the thematic areas selected for 2018 as well as on the selection process is available here