European Tourism Day 2017 - Priorities for Tourism post-2020

Audience: Public
Date: 07/12/2017

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On November 28, various stakeholders came together to discuss the Future of EU Tourism, during the European Tourism Day in Brussels. The political debates and the stakeholder networks focused on sustainability, innovation, human resources, skills, security, digitalisation, partnerships and infrastructure.

ERRIN was pleased to nominate Ms Raquel Huete, Director-General of Valencia Region to deliver messages on behalf of our network. Ms Huete’s role was to present what European priorities regions recommend further supporting and which areas would need enhanced investment post-2020. In her contribution, she highlighted three tourism priorities that are crucial for regions: 

  • Adaptation and resilience in the whole value chain towards climate change and the social and demographic challenges that lie ahead of Europe, where innovation can offer an answer.
  • Sustainability in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Excellent innovation – not only technological, but also non-technological and social innovation

Ms Huete also encouraged coordination and collaboration between different stakeholders and across different levels from regional to European and from authorities and SMEs to European Commission DGs.

The President of our partner network, NECSTouR, was also invited to speak. Mr Patrick Torrent talked about how the network works to ensure sustainable tourism in the region. He stressed the need for regions to increase bilateral cooperation.

The report of the whole conference and of Ms Huete's contribution is attached herewith.