City of Koprivnica and Regional Energy Agency North are looking for suppliers of innovative solutions

Date: 28/03/2018

City of Koprivnica and Regional Energy Agency North are looking for suppliers with innovative solutions for a pilot investment whose goal is to deliver replicable solution of outer, inner, energy efficient and functional transformation of prefabricated kindergarten building.

The City has secured financial resources for this investment in the amount of 300.000 EUR without VAT. With this investment, City wants to modernise the environment for playing and learning of children as well as increase energy efficiency through cost-optimum investment, taking into account total cost of ownership.

The pilot investment will be executed through public procurement of innovation through which City is looking for one or more innovative solutions from the field of design, materials, construction, functionalities, didactic, implementation procedure or financing models. Potential solution providers have to offer their services and products based on „design & build“ principal, either on their own or in cooperation with their partners.

At this moment, City of Koprivnica and Regional Energy Agency North are conducting market sounding through which they we want to get in touch and exchange information with anyone interested in this investment.

For those interested in the investment, more information is available at pilot investment dedicated website: where it is possible to express interest.

For all potential questions or comments feel free to contact