VP/2018/004 - Improving expertise in the field of industrial

Call title:
VP/2018/004 - Improving expertise in the field of industrial relations
Types of partners sought

General Secretariat of Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association (İMMİB), founded in 1986, is a semi-governmental and nonprofit organization.
İMMİB, carries out an outstanding role representing around 22.000 members who produce and/or export almost all kinds of minerals, natural stones, chemicals and chemical products, ferrous and nonferrous metals, electrical/electronics, cosmetics, jewellery and many more. Thus, İMMİB is composed of 6 Exporters' Associations, which are;
• Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association (İDDMİB)
• Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association (İMİB)
• Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association (İKMİB)
• Electrical Electronics and Service Exporters' Association (TET)
• Jewellery Exporters' Association (MİB)
• Steel Exporters' Association (ÇİB)
The main activities of İMMİB are as follows: Export Registration; Trade Promotion and Development; R&D, Innovation and Design Activities; Economic Research and Reporting; Consulting; Coordination and Public Relations; Training; Publication;
The main areas in which İMMİB is carrying activities and taking part in projects in order to increase competitiveness level of the members are as follows: Entrepreneurship, Vocational Education; Industrial Design; Green Economy and Sustainability; Circular Economy; Clustering and Industrial Symbiosis; R&D and Innovation; Corporate Social Responsibility; Competitiveness of SMEs.

İMMİB looks for a partner-coordinator who will apply for the "VP/2018/004 - Improving expertise in the field of industrial relations" call.

General objective
The overarching objective of this call is to improve expertise and knowledge on industrial relations through analysis and research, at EU level as well as in comparative terms (identifying convergences and differences in the industrial relations systems in place in the
EU Member States and in Candidate Countries), thereby contributing to developing and reinforcing quality and effectiveness of industrial relations structures and processes in the Member States and in Europe as a whole.

"Industrial relations" concern the collective – rather than individual – aspects of the employment relationship between workers, employers and their respective representatives. This includes the tripartite dimension where public authorities (at
different levels) are involved. As such, industrial relations refer to the set of rules governing employment and relations at the workplace, together with the ways in which the rules are made, changed, interpreted and implemented by trade unions, employers
and the state.

Topics of specific interest
Actions that address the following themes will be particularly welcome:
• The role and contribution of industrial relations, including social dialogue at different levels
o in responding to the major challenges/opportunities brought by digitalisation, globalisation, demographic evolutions, climate change and technological change, including artificial intelligence;
o to addressing the employment, social and economic challenges as identified in the European Pillar of Social Rights;

o in the context of the European Semester and Economic and Monetary Union;
o to reaching economic and social outcomes in terms of: economic growth and competitiveness; social inclusion and fairness; job creation and job quality.
• Functioning and effects of coordination of collective bargaining across different levels and territories.


Type of activities to be funded - Expected results
The following categories of actions are targeted:
• Activities to further deepen the analysis on topics/key findings that were examined in the European Commission's Industrial Relations in Europe series and/or the chapters on social dialogue in Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) Report;
• Research activities on industrial relations and social dialogue, such as studies, surveys and other forms of data collection, monitoring exercises, action research;

• Measures to enhance the collection and use of (comparative) information on industrial relations systems in EU Member States and Candidate Countries and on developments at European level;
• Initiatives to promote awareness of effective industrial relations practices, at both national and European level, including by bringing together relevant actors such as academia, social partners and policy makers;
• Measures to identify and exchange information in the area of industrial relations, including through the activities of networks between industrial relations parties and/or experts;
• Actions to disseminate such findings in publications, round tables, seminars, conferences, training measures and training tools.

Expected results and outputs under this call for proposals include: production and diffusion/promotion of studies, reports, data repositories and analytical tools related to industrial relations expertise at EU level (including in comparative terms), as well as
dissemination of the knowledge generated in this area through appropriate means and towards relevant target publics, such as academia, social partners and policy makers.

Working group:
Advanced Manufacturing & NanotechnologyEnergy & Climate ChangeInnovation & Investment
Deadline of the call: