KOSGEB (Turkey) seeks partners for COSME: Supporting the Dev

Call title:
Supporting the Development and Promotion of Transnational Thematic Tourism Products: Exploiting Synergies between Tourism and Cultural and Creative Industries
Types of partners sought
The consortium must gather a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 members/partners - different legal entities - covering at least 5 eligible countries (as listed under section 6.1.3); The consortium must be composed of at least: a. four SMEs – Small and Medium Sized enterprises: 2 active in the tourism and 2 in the CCIs sector; and b. one national or regional or local public authority Applicants must correspond to the definition of at least one of the following target organisations active in the field of tourism, cultural and creative industry (CCIs):  Public authorities and their networks or associations at European, international, national, regional and local level or organisations acting on behalf of a public authority;  Training or educational institutions including universities, research centres;  Chambers of commerce and industry, chambers of handicrafts or similar bodies and their umbrella Associations;  Destination management organisations and their networks/associations;  Travel Agents and Tour Operators and their umbrella associations;  Not-for profit/Non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations, foundations, think-tanks, umbrella associations, networks or federations of public or private bodies, whose core activity falls under tourism, CCIs;  International, European and national organisations/federations/associations active in tourism and CCIs, including those operating in partnership across the borders of a number of countries with a proven cross-border outreach;  Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) active in the tourism and CCIs sectors;  National, regional, local tourism organisations, public and private agencies related to tourism, cultural heritage promotion or regional development;

In line with the priorities of the Commission, the actions proposed under COSME 2018 work programme contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the EU tourism sector and increase its contribution to economic growth and jobs in the EU. The actions under COSME will particularly aim, on the one side, at improving the business environment for tourism enterprises, through enhanced socio-economic and market intelligence and exchange of best practices, and on the other side, at diversifying and increasing the visibility of Europe's transnational tourism offer. The actions will be implemented in close cooperation with the industry and the Member States' authorities at all levels, in line with the subsidiarity and proportionality principles.

With this Call, the Commission wishes to better exploit synergies between tourism and cultural and creative industries through concrete actions which support SMEs in these industry sectors.

Taking the above into account, this call for proposals intends to co-fund projects which put a particular focus on transnational cooperation between tourism and CCIs-related (cultural and creative industries)  SMEs to develop and promote innovative yet tangible tourism offers. Such tourism offers need to capitalise on the creative potential of CCIs to develop innovative services and products and/or use cultural and creative content to enhance existing or develop new tourism experiences.


Within the general and specific context explained above, the general objective of the action is to explore the spill-over effects of culture and creativity on tourism products and services in terms of:
 revitalising tourism attractions and destinations, and diversifying transnational tourism experiences;
 prolonging seasonality of EU destinations and/or enhancing sustainability of tourism offers;
 boosting innovation across transnational tourism value chains.
The specific objectives of the action:
 developing innovative solutions or management tools for tourism attractions or destinations through cooperation between tourism and CCI SMEs;
 exploring new ways of engaging visitors, with the help of CCIs-related companies or professionals, to revitalise existing tourism products/services and/or create new ones,
 creating solid public-private partnerships in the area of tourism and CCIs and ensuring the exchange of knowledge and experience within the partnerships.


Eligible activities: In line with the objectives, thematic context and priorities mentioned above, the present call for proposals will support the following type of activities:
 The mapping of tourism attractions, sites, destinations and tourism related services, that could be linked to the identified theme;
 The development of transnational tourism products and services, which have excellent marketing potential, are attractive and interesting for intra-European and/or long haul travellers and travel operators, and can continue after the end of the co-financing period;
 The creation of new technological or organisational solutions to attract and engage visitors;
 The implementation of medium-to-long-term joint communication/promotion and market uptake strategies;
 The development of creative promotional activities offering practical information and useful tools for potential tourists;
 The implementation of awareness raising and dissemination actions (e.g., the production of audio-visuals, communication activities, publications, websites, participation in fairs, partnerships with international media, etc.).
Applicants are free to propose additional types of activities, if duly justified as fulfilling the objectives and priorities of this call for proposals.

Non-eligible activities:
Development/improvement of infrastructure;
Promoting local tourism offers without developing the transnational dimension of the offer, and/or promoting tourism without focusing on a concrete transnational thematic tourism product.


KOSGEB  (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organisation) has been established as an “affiliated organization” to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on April 20, 1990 with the objectives of:
• Increasing SMEs’ share and effectiveness,
• Improving SMEs’ competitive power and level,
• Ensuring industrial integration in conformity with economic development,

for providing the social and economic needs of Turkey.

Its mission: To increase the share of SMEs and entrepreneurs in economic and social development by providing support and other services to improve their competitive power.

KOSGEB support:

- Professional, scientific and technical activities

- Administrative and support service activities

- Culture, art, entertainment, vacation and sport

- Other service activities

KOSGEB could access to only 4000 SMEs during the period 1990-2002. As a result of the restructuring process, the number of SMEs registered in the database has reached 1.150.000. KOSGEB which could provide 25 Million USD support to SMEs until 2002, has reached 2 Billion USD support volume between the years 2003-2016.
With the KOSGEB Credit Interest Support Programmes since 2003, SMEs have been able to utilize from bank credits at favorable conditions. With this support, the total credit volume of 8 Billion USD has been created in 13 years.

KOSGEB arranges SME and entrepreneurship awards each year to enhance competitiveness of companies and spread entrepreneurship culture throughout the country. The first award programme was held in 2012. The annual KOSGEB SME and Entrepreneurship Awards are awarded in nine categories every year.

Turkey and the EC have signed the agreement for Turkey’s participation in the EU Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (COSME) on October 16, 2014. KOSGEB has been missioned for the national coordination of COSME.

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is one of the major initiatives of COSME in the area of “supporting internationalization and access to markets”. The network has more than 600 partners around the world. KOSGEB coordinates 50 of the EEN partners from Turkey within 11 consortia.

KOSGEB is the national coordinator of the European SME Week aiming to promote entrepreneurship in Europe. Turkey has been the country to organize the most number of events for each SME Week since 2010.

KOSGEB has been assigned as the affiliated public body of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Policy Committee Public Governance Directorate”, “Export Credits and Credit Guarantees Working Group Operating under Trade Policies Committee operating under Science, Technology and Industry Directorate and Working Groups: “Working Group on Bribery operating under Financial and Enterprise Affairs Directorate”, “Regional Development and Agriculture Directorate” and “Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee and Science and Technology Integrating Environmental and Economic Policies Working Group.”


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Design & CreativityTourism
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