UNICORN h2020 project seeks startups/SMEs for the validation

Call title:
European Project H2020 UNICORN
Types of partners sought
Startups/SMEs legally established in any of the EU countries with experience on Cloud-Computing development, Devops software development methodology and with the capacity of developing a product/service from April 2019 to July 2019. After that, they will prepare a report and participate in a final face-to-face event to show their validation results. 

The Technical University of Cartagena is participating in UNICORN (http://unicorn-project.eu), an H2020 project where partners are developing a DevOps-as-a-Service platform to ease multi-cloud application design, deployment, management, monitoring, and intrusion detection in a single platform (as a Service). In the context of the project, it has just being opened a call for participation, where twelve 10000€ contracts are offered to selected SMEs/Startups for testing the platform, during 6 months, with their own proposal: a new feature to an already existing product, migrating an already existing product to the cloud, or designing a use case for testing some features of UNICORN and make a comparison with other solutions they are using.


This call is focused to developers, a startups or SMEs developing software applications over cloud computing infrastructure and where security, privacy, and elasticity are amongst the key issues. Developer teams dealing with integration, service orchestration and micro-services application management when using different cloud infrastructure providers can greatly benefit from the UNICORN platform.


UNICORN project consortium encourages you to get involved in the UNICORN platform, to discover its potential and collaborate with us in its validation. UNICORN is launching a contest, where twelve SMEs & Startups will receive 10.000€ funding each (see here a template for the contract) to test and validate the platform by developing their own software or use-cases using the UNICORN framework. During the development phase, participants will have access to the UNICORN platform and to all the resources needed for a successful validation including Cloud hosting services, and UNICORN training and examples, among others.


Moreover, selected participants will be invited to participate in UNICORN training workshops, and their venture will be introduced to the Startup Europe entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Here there are some slides presenting the platform. Further details about the UNICORN platform can be found at the UNICORN documentation.



Deadline of the call: