Innovation Radar
Nov 20 2019

Are you interested in piloting the Innovation Radar in your Regions?

  • Ilaria d'Auria
  • 20 November 2019

23 Member States expressed their commitment to work with the European Commission by signing the #InnovationRadarDeclaration and using the Innovation Radar (IR) at national and regional levels.

Initially built to identify the maturity of innovations in EU-funded programmes, the IR has developed a comprehensive methodology which increasingly focused on the innovators behind the innovations: a human-centred approach which fits nicely with ERRIN’s place-based understanding of research and innovation policies and programmes.  

The Secretariat is pooling the interest of ERRIN members to engage with the European Commission in the adaptation of the methodology at the regional scale.


Write to Ilaria d'Auria ( and Agnieszka Wieczorek ( by the 30th November 2019. 

More information on the methodology here.