C2C - CH4 to crop – Novel Technologies, Solutions and Sys

Call title:
Types of partners sought
Potential partners that are interested in participating must come from a country that is eligible to participate in the ERA-NET ICT AGRI programme. We are ideally looking for an organisation that might be interested in taking the role as a lead partner in our proposal, but HVL would also have the capacity to take the responsibility as a coordinator if necessary. Partners with the following competences are sought: 1. Sensor technology/measurement techniques for stable ventilation air analysis 2. Livestock production and nutrition, animal science, preferably from an EU country with a large cattle production like France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland or the UK. 3. Other partners with competence and skills of relevance to this proposal

The Project idea is based on a novel set-up for a methane conversion, originally developed for applications such as lean burn natural gas-fuelled engines.
Project structure / content is thought to be as follows:

  • Analysis of the stable ventilation air (Partner) with focus on methane and other greenhouse gases
  • Implementation of the ventilation, heating and catalyst system (HVL)
  • Determination of CH4 conversion and CO2 production rates and quality (HVL and partners)
  • Implementation of greenhouse concept
  • Investigation of effect of cattle nutrition on air composition and greenhouse gas feed quality (Partner(s))
  • Determination of best case scenario for nutrition used and crop to be grown based on technical, biological and climate life-cycle analysis

Ideal project outcome would be a combination of a barn or stable with a greenhouse which uses the converted methane to produce crop that can be fed to the cattle. In a first test installation, initial tests will be carried out and analysed to find the crop / cattle nutrition giving the best quality and most stable CO2 feed for the greenhouse and the best animal health.

Organisation and key personell:

Peter Koch, Associate Professor at IMM
PhD on laser-optical measurement methods for engine combustion analysis
1 year PostDoc CCS at NTNU Trondheim
7 years development engineer at Rolls-Royce Power Systems Bergen Engines topics emission, after-treatment system and technology roadmap
Since 2014 (in increasing employment-percentages; since October 2018 100%) Associate professor at IMM with topic thermal machines and energy
Western Norway University of Applied Science (HVL) was formed on the 1st of January 2017, through a merger between the three institutions of Bergen University College, Stord/Haugesund University College and Sogn og Fjordane University College.
HVL has campuses at five different locations in western Norway. With approximately 16,000 students, it is one of the largest higher education institutions in Norway, offering Bachelor and Master studies primarily within education, engineering, health and social sciences. In addition, Ph.d. studies are offered in the following fields:
- Bildung and Pedagogical Practices
- Nautical Operations
- Computer Science: Software Engineering, Sensor Networks and Engineering Computing.
Researchers at HVL work in multidisciplinary teams and in close cooperation with universities, research institutes and organisations at both national and international level. HVL`s dedicated role in community development makes the institution an important partner for local authorities and regional stakeholders, including among others; industry, hospitals, health- and social care institutions, schools, kindergartens, and culture institutions.
The department of Mechanical and Marine Engineering (IMM) and the department of Civil Engineering is a part of the Faculty of Engineering and Science at the Western Norway University of Applied Science. HVL will take responsibility for the technical part of the project meaning the combined catalyst / ventilation system and the greenhouse.
Norwegian Agrarian Association
Provide contact to and support for test installation at a local farm

Deadline of the call: