Partner search for H2020 project Robotics in Application Are

Call title:
ICT-09-2019-2020 Robotics in Application Areas (b)
Types of partners sought
Technology suppliers for sensor integration and robotics, district heating/cooling system asset companies, waste water industry companies, infrastructure maintanance company, certifying agencies.


In many areas there are assets which are valuable, and subject to natural degradation. Inspection of these assets is vital, such that repairs can be done efficiently, or intelligent replacement strategies can be adopted. This saves tremendously on raw materials use, and results in much more efficient use of personnel and materials. Assets may be water mains, wastewater mains, district heating systems, cooling systems, and other water carrying assets. Also other mediums may be of interest, such as oil, food streams and bioreactor fluids.


The proposition is to develop robotic devices, able to do inspections and repairs. This robotic device doe s not need to be one single device, but can be consisting of separate inspection units and repair units. The goal is to let them be one of a larger perspective, and that all units can work together flawlessly. That means that for example an inspection result should match a repair assignment in terms of needed information (location, size, material etc.) and that inspection methods are capable of sharing the same infrastructure, like databases, sensor connections and resulting measurement data information. Ultimately, pilot scale application of the robotic toolchain is a part of the project, where small produced line of robots will actually perform their tasks, and where the successfulness is being evaluated and improved if possible.

Deadline of the call: