TAYSAD Automotive Suppliers Association of Turkey seeks part

Call title:
“European Cluster Excellence Programme”
Types of partners sought
TAYSAD can coordinate the project, unless it can be agreed that another organisation will coordinate. Entities: a cluster organisation or a business network organisation involved in supporting the enhancement of collaboration, networking and learning in innovation clusters to stimulate innovative activities; located in one of COSME countries; be registered or have requested to be registered on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform; The applicant must be a legal entity with a legal personality. This may include both profit-making or non-for-profit legal entities as well asfully or partly public or private bodies. In the case of private bodies, they must be properly constituted and registered under national law. Consortium has to include at least one consortium member representing an organisation established in a region classified as 'less developed' or 'in transition', according to the mapping proposed for Structural Funds eligibility for the period 2014-2020.

TAYSAD Automotive Suppliers Association of Turkey

  • Established in 1978, TAYSAD is the sole and most competent representative of the Turkish automotive supplier industry
  • With 421 members, TAYSAD represents 65% of the output of the automotive supplier industry and 70% of the industry’s exports
  • 80% of TAYSAD’s members operate in the Marmara region;12% in the Aegean region and 8% in other regions of Turkey
  • 421 TAYSAD members employ more than 200,000 people.
  • 25% of TAYSAD members have foreign partners who hold varying levels of shares
  • TAYSAD is a member of CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (www.clepa.be)
  • TAYSAD has a reference position within Turkey for domestic and international OEM’s, Tier 1 Suppliers and institutions being the representative of Turkish Automotive Parts and Components Suppliers
  • TAYSAD holds ESCA Silver Label and ISO 9001 Certificates.


Proposed activities:

-     TAYSAD needs to develop a system to evaluate the digitalization level of SMEs to help them about creating their digitalization roadmap. The cluster managers need trainings about this area to generate more value for SMEs

-     TAYSAD needs a cooperation with European clusters about sharing digitalization best practices for SMEs

-     TAYSAD has an innovation center and it is a mature project now. TAYSAD wants to develop the center and SME members of TAYSAD will take advantage to use a shared area for generating new ideas

-     TAYSAD wants to contact SME members with other European SMEs for EU funded project cooperation

-     TAYSAD can coordinate the exchange activities between Turkish SMEs and the other partners

Working group:
Advanced Manufacturing & NanotechnologyEnergy & Climate ChangeICTInnovation & InvestmentSmart SpecialisationTransport
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