Partner Searches

Partner Searches

If you are looking for a partner for an EU-funded project, post your partner search here. The partner searches are automatically ordered by the date they were posted, though it is possible to use the filters to order them by the call or expression of interest deadlines. It is also possible to use the tool below to filter the partner searches by funding programme, location, desired partner, associated working group or keyword.

  • By Angèle LIAIGRE

PARTNER SEARCH INTERREG EUROPE - Partner from the Northern Area on coastal resilience

The project focuses on the support to coastal resilience and adaptation to climate change at the regional level. To complete the consortium, the coordinator is looking for a partner region or local authority from the Northern area (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany), which has a coastal line and a competence in coastal management.

  • By Andrei Buzatu

Looking for partners for: Development of sport tourism for regional sustainable development

Creating a partnership made up of policy relevant organizations from 4 different countries in Europe to work together and exchange experience on developing the regional tourism economy by creating, testing, implementing and monitoring a policy instrument (Ex: completing the county’s strategy of development (SDD) with the component Sports movement - element to promote the touristic potential). The project aims to create a hub (with representatives of public authorities, private companies, research institutes and citizens associations) as a way to develop sport and sport tourism in the region and also to develop the sport infrastructure.

  • By Ute De Meyer

VIVES searches partners for: Ensuring equal access to health care and fostering resilience of health systems

In this new Interreg NEW project we have the ambition to improve accessibility to health and care services in rural areas, in particular we will reach out to older people who are at risk of isolation after their spouse passed away. By offering technology, we want to help this target group in daily activities such as cooking. We want to reach out before difficulties arises. We will develop innovative care services and smart approaches to avoid extreme isolation and by consequence of this isolation health problems like malnutrition or home accidents like falls.

  • By Jesper Bracht

VIA University College seeks consortium for Erasmus+ Teacher Academies

As one of six university colleges in Denmark, VIA University College educates e.g. teachers, pre-school and early childhood learning specialists, nurses, social workers, engineers and designers and offer education programmes in 11 cities of the Central Denmark Region. VIA also has seven research and development centres including centres and programs developing and researching digital learning, sustainability and inclusion. VIA is searching for partners to build an Erasmus+ Teacher Academy.

  • By Anna Grimault

Creative Europe cooperation project - Training program for musicians

Building on two former Creative Europe cooperation projects, Trempo and its partners have developed a program named Slash - Transition aiming to experiment how musicians should integrate transition issues within their career development models. Slash -Transition also offers to rethink the role of music, and then, musicians in the cities and districts in transition. Slash is a project combining musicians’ career development and future-proof projects for cities, based on a transdisciplinary and collaborative approach.

  • By Remke Palsma

Join voices to reawaken endangered languages in Europe

Afuk, together with local partners De Fryske Akademy and Mercator is looking to join as partners in this Horizon call, or other European projects that focuse on the preservation of endangered languages by enhancing cooperation, empowerement of local communities, involvement of young people and promotion of equality and linguistic diversity.