Partner Searches

Partner Searches

If you are looking for a partner for an EU-funded project, post your partner search here. The partner searches are automatically ordered by the date they were posted, though it is possible to use the filters to order them by the call or expression of interest deadlines. It is also possible to use the tool below to filter the partner searches by funding programme, location, desired partner, associated working group or keyword.

  • By Valentine Willmann

Looking for a partnership - HORIZON-CL5-2021-D1-01-08

Astrosat, a Scottish company, is looking to join a partnership for a project on the restoration of peatlands

  • By Barbora Pařízková

Researcher would like to join the HE call - biodiversity and ecosystem services

Will your organisation apply for the grant of Horizon Europe Call - Biodiversity and ecosystem services (HORIZON-CL6-2021-BIODIV-01-01) ?

  • By Remke Palsma

Towards sustainable community-based funding of museums

Funding of museums by national, regional and local governments has diminished and the trend is still negative. In the slipstream also sponsorship by private companies has been reduced. Museums have to look for other forms of income in order to finance their societal tasks and their successful role as social institutes. Community-based crowdfunding might be a solution to get a large part of the public involved, let them be an active part in it and get them intouch with their heritage. A specific element of attention will be the inclusion of community members with fewer financial means, in the meanwhile avoiding stigmatization. The project will conceptualize, initiate and bring together existing test cases and analyze them by means of objective parameters. 

  • By Ida Nielsen

Erasmus+ Center of Vocational Excellence on alternative fuels and transport is searching for partners

Educational-Center Ringkøbing-Skjern's, Denmark (UCRS) vision is to create a European Ecosystem of skills within green energy for vehicles by establishing a triangle of knowledge involving vocational education and training, auto industry partners (auto repair shops and vehicles manufacturers) and research partners. Our ambition is to identify and develop a skill set to ensure the successful roll-out of alternative fuels in the mobility sector for vehicles to the consumer.

  • By Anonymous

Measuring the local impact of western European nightlife venues/activities (HORIZON-CL2-2021-HERITAGE-01-03)

With this project, the Centre of expertise Public Impact at the KdG University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Belgium (Antwerp) aims to build an impact model and online tool (scan) that can measure and predict the local impact of western European nightlife venues/activities.

  • By Cecilie Lindstrom

Not in my Backyard: bridge the gap between citizens, public administrations and renewable energy installations

Expected Outcome: Renewable energy technologies will be evermore present in the lives of European citizens, thus a harmonious co-existence is essential. Wind turbines are particularly susceptible to the NIMBY effect (Not In My BackYard), and hence it is facing opposition despite being a high-potential clean energy source. In order to achieve the European goals on climate neutrality, dedicated actions in this context are needed to ensure that large turbines retain a low environmental impact and gain more popular support. A particular focal point should be how to best engage with different communities to identify actions toward the co-existence goal.