Partner Searches

Partner Searches

If you are looking for a partner for an EU-funded project, post your partner search here. The partner searches are automatically ordered by the date they were posted, though it is possible to use the filters to order them by the call or expression of interest deadlines. It is also possible to use the tool below to filter the partner searches by funding programme, location, desired partner, associated working group or keyword.

  • By Anonymous

Partner search in the field of development of innovative and eco-sustainable seats

Most of car seats have a steel structure and a polyurethane foam upholstery covered in fabric or sky. For the promiscuity of use, these features do not fit with a comfortable seating neither in work experience nor in leisure activities. An unhygienic and a minus comfortable seating influences people behaviors and attitudes and could bring to a preference on one kind of vehicles than another.

  • By David Gaeckle

Searching for project partners participating in EU-call CE-FNR-17-2020

This call requires a project consortium of different cities or clusters of cities considering a geographical spread around Europe. Based on this requirement we are looking for further project partners who are willing to establish a European network of bio-based cities with innovative biowaste/waste water treatment technologies or comparable approaches. During our current research about potential partners and cities we figured out increasing efforts in sustainable handling of human waste matter.

  • By Aija Konisevska Azadi

Looking for secondary school for Erasmus+ KA02 project interested in takling of early school leaving

Center for Unges livsmestring is private consultancy company working with children in age group from 15-20 years old that struggles with need for individual approach and methods to fit in the school curricula by strengthening collaboration among all involved actors hereby within school as well as within families, addressing and  improving transitions between different stages of education; fostering preventive and early intervention approaches.


  • By Aija Konisevska Azadi

Erasmus+ VET Centres of Excellence: /AI,VR,AR Companies and VET within Healthcare and Technical sector needed

Partners from Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden and Malta are sought for a VET TNE project.

  • By Benjamín Martínez Sanchis

Partner search: -ITN- VIsual directional SUpport in massive opticAL Wireless communications for Internet-of-Things

We find nowadays a strenuous effort to exploit the higher frequency spectrum, specially in the context of mmWave communications, with the aim to overcome the problems of spectrum scarcity.

  • By Aija Konisevska Azadi

Sustainability/Green transition education materials for primary schools

This Nordplus pilot project will focus on developing a new teaching materials about the green transition with focus on hydrogen. The teaching material must be usable at the level of training and will be prepared in collaboration with the project partners and must be developed so that it can be used across the participating countries - Denmark, Norway and Iceland.