Partner Searches

Partner Searches

If you are looking for a partner for an EU-funded project, post your partner search here. The partner searches are automatically ordered by the date they were posted, though it is possible to use the filters to order them by the call or expression of interest deadlines. It is also possible to use the tool below to filter the partner searches by funding programme, location, desired partner, associated working group or keyword.

  • By Aliki Varella

Partner Search on KA210 Small-scale partnerships I Cyprus

The Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation (KOKEN), one of the oldest and largest voluntary youth organisations in Cyprus is looking for a partner to join their project proposal for the Call KA210 Small-scale partnerships.

  • By Francesca D'Angelo

Fondazione Sistema Toscana is looking for partner for Europe's cultural heritage and arts. Promoting our values at home and abroad, HORIZON-CL2-2022-HERITAGE-01-02

The project proposal aims to deliver a process for the mutual understanding, valorisation and promotion of cultural activities involving cultural institutions, heritage communities and creative industries, which will generate “civic economies” through the sustainable use of places and the activation of productivity linked to creativity, innovation and fruition services.

  • By Nathalie Alvarez

ERASMUS+ KA2. REBUILD CAPACITY PROJECT - Technological Centre of the Construction Murcia CTCON (Spain)

REBUILD CAPACITY is an international cooperation project mobilizing a transnational network of organizations active in the field of adult education, energy transition and culture, and building renovation. It will aim at allowing the participating organizations to increase the quality and relevance of their activities by increasing their capacity to operate jointly at transnational level, boosting internationalization of their activities and through the exchanging of practices and methods as well as sharing and confronting ideas.

  • By anthony van de ven

The New European Bauhaus – shaping a greener and fairer way of life

The core of the project we have in mind centres around the development of a cohesive community within a neighbourhood that is strongly rooted in a respect for the past and uses this cultural heritage as a basis to instil an awareness of the environmental value of the place, which needs to be preserved for the future, and as a basis for social cohesion. The physical instrument we will use is the common space that the inhabitants fill in. The mental instrument we use will be a process of development, by inhabitants, supported by artists and designers, to communicate the value of the area to others.

  • By Karl Stoeckel

Transformation of the existing fleet towards greener operations through retrofitting (ZEWT Partnership)

The main objective of the Membrane Processes Team is to improve the efficiency of the processes limited by fouling and the cost of implementation. The team is able to contribute to the design of innovative retroffiting solutions for the treatment of specific effluents and the purification of compounds.

  • By Marta Raptis

A French-Spanish-Polish consortium is looking for a leader/partner of the project to apply to a New European Bauhaus call

A French-Spanish-Polish consortium is looking for a leader/partner of the project to apply to a New European Bauhaus call ( HORIZON EUROPE), related to the program: The New European Bauhaus – shaping a greener and fairer way of life in creative and inclusive societies through Architecture, Design and Arts possibly a municipality (bigger municipalities are ideal target but we consider the offer of smaller one as well), located in Europe and interested in developing innovative spatial green infrastructure but also SME’s, research centers etc.