What’s FoTRRIS?

FoTRRIS was a project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program ‘Science with and for Society’.
The main objective was to develop and introduce new governance practices to co-create transdisciplinary Responsible Research and Innovation (co-RRI) project concepts that are attuned to local needs, values and opportunities, and that mobilize and connect local stakeholders.




Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) was introduced as a new way to conceptualize the relationship between science and society.

It addresses the growing need for a science and innovation system performing more "responsible" and therefore includes principles such as gender equality, transparency and open access to data.



FoTRRIS performed “Transition Experiments” made up of a series of workshops to test FoTRRIS’ conceptual and methodological frameworks for co-RRI.

The activities took place in:

  • Graz, Austria on sustainable food
  • Flanders, Belgium on materials scarcity
  • Hungary on local economic development
  • Sicily, Italy on renewable energies
  • Madrid, Spain on refugees and women with disabilities.

In each of the five countries, a competence cell (comprising FoTRRIS’ partners) invited local actors from the quadruple helix to design collaboratively a research project, using the FoTRRIS frameworks.




Errin was responsible for the European policy recommendations that highlighted the necessity of introducing the following policy measures:

  • Make resilient societies and sustainable development the ultimate goals of the long-term European strategy, to be implemented by the new Research and Innovation Framework programme as a financial instrument.
  • Foster co-created Responsible Research and Innovation (co-RRI) in the European Research and Innovation Framework Programme and in all initiatives launched at European level.
  • Define more broadly the desired impact of research and innovation
  • Invest in capacity building of current societal actors & researchers and in education of the next generations to co-create research and innovation in a responsible way.

FoTTRIS Team Members

Meet the FoTTRIS Team Members from ERRIN

Anett Ruszanov

Anett Ruszanov

Projects Manager

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