COVID-19 related member initiatives

Read the innovative solutions introduced by our member organisations to tackle the COVID-19 crisis.
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COVID-19 Member Initiatives

COVID-19 symptom assessment - example of Kuopio

Kuopio sub-region has been participating in national consortia to create “” online survey-tool to assess the symptoms COVID-19.
  • 1 year 5 months
Welsh unis

Welsh universities support the local and national response

Through the long-running Civic Mission programme, Wales' universities are using their expertise, experience and resources to support local and… Read More
  • 1 year 5 months

Coventry’s Universities Announce Joint Project To Support Local Creatives

Coventry University and the University of Warwick have launched a joint project to fund local artists hit financially by the COVID-19 outbreak and… Read More
  • 1 year 5 months

Île-de-France set up numerous measures to tackle corona crisis

The Ile-de-France Region has quickly reacted and taken measures in a series of areas (health equipment, business support, transports, research,… Read More
  • 1 year 5 months
Helsinki GSE

Helsinki GSE establishes economic situation room amid coronavirus crisis

The Helsinki Graduate School of Economics (Helsinki GSE) has established an economic situation room, to provide support to authorities and ministries… Read More
  • 1 year 5 months
Basque Government VET System

Basque VET Strategy in the context of Coronavirus

The Basque Government has quickly reacted to the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the VET system is highly involved in the strategy against the virus… Read More
  • 1 year 5 months

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Latest Updates

  • By Hilary Webb

JRC studies use mobility data to provide insight into virus spread and containment efficacy

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published three papers exploring the relationship between human mobility and the spread of coronavirus, which will inform data-driven approaches to tackling the virus.

  • By Hilary Webb

Short-term coronavirus measures announced including Implementing Decision on interoperability of tracing apps

The European Commission has announced a number of short-term and immediate measures to strengthen the EU's preparedness for COVID-19 outbreaks in the future.

  • By Hilary Webb

Commission partners with tourism industry for patronage voucher schemes

The European Commission is working to give patronage voucher schemes across the EU a visibility boost. The schemes allow consumers to support hotels and restaurants by paying for a visit in the future.

  • By Hilary Webb

National contact tracing apps to safely share data when users travel in EU

A set of technical specifications has been agreed by Member States, meaning that national contact tracing apps will be able to safely share information when users travel in the EU.

  • By Hilary Webb

Survey: the impact of COVID-19 on regional and local governments

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) has joined up with the OECD to conduct a consultation to gather views of local and regional government representatives on challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • By Hilary Webb

€314 million granted to innovative commpanies to fight virus & support recovery

The European Innovation Council (EIC)'s Accelerator Pilot has awarded €166 million to 36 companies fighting the coronavirus pandemic.