Navarre is an autonomous region located at the Northeast of Spain. Navarra has got powers and autonomy for the design and implementation of public policies on a variety of fields, including the research and innovation area. Navarra has a dynamic economy and is the 2nd most innovative region in Spain in terms of R&D expenditure (1.91% of GDP in 2012, from which almost 70% was conducted by private firms).


The IV Technology Plan for Navarre (2012-2015) encourages R&D and innovation activities according to a set of priorities or areas that have been continuously promoted by the regional government during the 21st century. The axes of this plan are:

  • Smart specialisation;
  • Social innovation;
  • Open innovation as a result of the need for collaboration in R&D in order to be competitive; and
  • Internationalisation of R&D. The objective is to integrate regional innovation into the European Research Area and global networks.


The RIS3 strategy for Navarre (RIS3-MODERNA) includes several priorities which are related with advanced manufacturing such as green vehiclesrenewable energiesagro-food sectoreco-industry and health industry.


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