The representation of the Stockholm Region is organized in an association (The Stockholm Region Association for European Affairs) and a coorporation (The Stockholm Region EU Office) that is fully owned by the association and has the task of realizing the goals and the activities of the association. Members of the association are the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council, Stockholm County Association of Local Authorities, Uppsala Regional Council, Sörmland Regional Council, Västmanland Association of Local Authorities and County Council and the Council for the Greater Stockholm Region (Mälardalsrådet).


The political board (föreningsstyrelse) of The Stockholm Region Association for European Affairs decides about the political strategic orientation for the activities of the Stockholm Region EU Office. The board consists of elected politicians. There are three board members from each of the three largest members (City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and Stockholm County Association of Local Authorities) and one each from the other members. The chairman of the board is Mr. Sten Nordin, Mayor of Stockholm.


The mission of the Stockholm Region Association for European Affairs is to coordinate and promote the common interests among the members in EU-related matters. In accordance with the region’s prioritized issues, the organization shall (through the Stockholm Region Office) monitor the EU institutions and the EU decision-making process and establish contacts with decision-makers and institutions in order to influence EU policy and legislation. And also provide civil servants and politicians in the region with information about upcoming EU initiatives at an early stage. Through this, the organization contributes to strengthening the role of the Stockholm region in Europe and within the EU while also improving the EU competence among the members.


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