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Halmstad University (HH) is a small university in southwest Sweden with around 10 600 students, more than 600 employees; 55 Professors and around 90 doctoral students. HH is organized in four Schools: 1) Business, Engineering and Science, 2) Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, 3) Health and Welfare, and 4) Information Technology. HH - The Innovation Driven University - was founded in 1983 and has from the beginning been characterized as forward and cross-border-thinking. The research is often carried out in close collaboration with players outside the academia, both industry and the public sector. HH has 2 profile areas - A) Innovations for future health and B) Smart cities and communities – the latter with a focus on Smart mobility, energy and education.

Lars Ola Nilsson

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Halmstad University (HH) is an ERRIN member via Lärosäten Syd (The network of Universities in South Sweden) and its joint office in Brussels.