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The group of applied welfare technology (WT) is an expert of applying welfare technologies, gamification, computational intelligence, ICT solutions and big data to develop new information services, evaluating welfare technologies and improve quality of life. WT work closely with industry and WT has collaborated with industry in several projects. Savonia University of Applied Sciences has been participated in EU BSR projects REMOWE 2009-2012 and ABOWE 2012-2014. WT group members have applied welfare technologies in several national projects for example; Intelligent lighting and thermal comfort technologies for care services of home-dwelling elderly people with memory disorder (VALMUSKA, 2015-2017), Research and piloting of senior service innovations (SENER, 2013-2015), and Commecializing a monitoring system for energy efficiency and healthy housing (AsTeKa, 2009-2010). Our expertise is listed below: • Measurement and monitoring platforms and information systems • Gamification • Data mediation and interoperability • Internet of Things applications • ICT tools and web applications • Knowledge extraction and situational awareness • Data quality, anomaly detection and modelling We are interested in participating as a partner in your consortium!

Jukka-Pekka Skön

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I have over 10 years of experience working in research and development. For the past five years I was a research manager at University of Eastern Finland, where I was responsible for environmental technology research area, research projects, funding, project preparation, and commercialization of research results. The research focus has been on refining measurement data to information to be used in decision making by using advanced analytics, utilizing big data analytical tools, creating and maintaining models. Application areas included built environment, health technology, health and safety living, energy consumption, and air quality. I have a strong expertise for applying research funding in national and international level. Moreover, I have acted as an evaluator and rapporteur in several H2020 calls since 2014. My main scientific interests include data processing, data analysis (statistical analysis, predictive modeling and clustering), developing new methods, and utilizing computational methods. I have a strong expertise for data-based problem solving in method and application level. Competencies: Project management, scientific writing, research funding, data analyses, machine learning, big data, Internet of Things

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