Co-creating Welfare Seminar

Location: South Denmark European Office
Event Date: 2019-07-09
Time: 09:00:00

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External Event

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The Co-creating Welfare project was created to serve local welfare services like elderly homes, hospitals and schools, that want to work in a closer dialogue with citizens to co-create future welfare services.

The Co-creating Welfare project has developed training course material as well as a co-creation concept with guidelines, good practice examples and recommendations, which can help local welfare services to run co-creating processes with citizens and develop welfare services that correspond better to the citizens’ needs, and therefore are more sustainable.

Within the scope of the Co-creating Welfare project, we are organising a conference to show the results from the project, as well as debating and raising the awareness on how local welfare services can apply co-creation processes and become more sustainable.

Other EU projects dealing with co-creation have been invited to present their results, such as the InDemand project and the SISCODE project.