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The European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN) is a well-known Brussels-based platform that gathers around 120 regional organisations from more than 20 European countries. Established in 2001, ERRIN supports members to enhance their regional and local research and innovation capacities and further develop their R&I ecosystems. The network maintains a long-standing relationship with the EU institutions and other organisations to strengthen the regional and local dimension in EU Research and Innovation policy and programmes. 

ERRIN offers a platform for knowledge exchange and facilitates regional collaboration, supporting its members through the project development process and providing project opportunities. ERRIN members collaborate through 13 Working Groups and two Task Forces, covering both thematic areas and overarching policy issues based on members’ priorities and on current funding opportunities. Working Group meetings are at the heart of ERRIN’s activities, as this is where our members meet regularly to exchange information, present regional examples, build new partnerships, develop joint projects, network and much more.

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Latest News & Events

Stay up-to-date on ERRIN's wide range of activities in Brussels and make sure you are informed about our upcoming Working Group meetings.

  • By Lucy Hammond

ERRIN Paper Series: Towards the 10th Framework Programme - EU Missions

ERRIN is pleased to launch a series of input papers on the 10th Framework Programme, with this paper focusing on EU Missions. ERRIN has been closely involved in the design and implementation of the EU Missions since their inception, making them a priority for the network. This input paper on the role of EU Missions in FP10 has been created with contributions from ERRIN members and their ecosystems.

  • By Ewa Chomicz

New EU Preparatory Action on innovation for place-based transformations

A new EU Preparatory Action (PA) on innovation for place-based transformations was publicly announced for the first time by the JRC of the European Commission during the ERRIN S3 Working Group meeting on 25 June. The challenge-oriented PA will offer several opportunities for regional engagement and will be based on the experience of Partnerships for Regional Innovation (PRI), with a call for EoI expected to launch in October 2024.

  • By Ewa Chomicz

ERRIN two-pager for European decision-makers

ERRIN is pleased to share a two-pager for the incoming European decision-makers, aiming to present the network and our value to the new MEPs, raising a voice for the importance of place-based R&I in the changing landscape. We encourage all ERRIN members to share the document with their MEPs to introduce ERRIN and the value of place-based R&I.

Our services

Our services

ERRIN is your support hub for daily work in Brussels and back home for European-level engagement. Here, you define your level of involvement according to your organisation’s capacity, needs and goals. The more you engage, the more opportunities await to strengthen your innovation ecosystem from different angles in the European policy and funding landscape.

Project development

Take advantage of our project facilitation - matchmaking sessions, mappings, coffee meetings - and Project Development Tool to identify relevant funding opportunities, share project ideas, network and find project partners.

Working Groups and Task Forces

Participate in the wide range of activities - meetings, events, consultations - organised by our 15 Working Groups and Task Forces to connect, gain knowledge, exchange regional examples and showcase your views.

R&I policy

Stay up to date on the latest EU R&I policy developments from a regional perspective and contribute to our bottom-up policy work to shape policy and programmes, as we foster opportunities for regional and ecosystem actors.

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If you would like to find out more about the benefits of ERRIN membership, please contact ewa.chomicz@errin.eu