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The European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN) is a well-known Brussels-based platform that gathers around 120 regional organisations from more than 20 European countries. Established in 2001, ERRIN supports members to enhance their regional and local research and innovation capacities and further develop their R&I ecosystems. The network maintains a long-standing relationship with the EU institutions and other organisations to strengthen the regional and local dimension in EU Research and Innovation policy and programmes. 

ERRIN offers a platform for knowledge exchange and facilitates regional collaboration, supporting its members through the project development process and providing project opportunities. ERRIN members collaborate through 13 Working Groups, covering both thematic areas and overarching policy issues based on members’ priorities and on current funding opportunities. Working Group meetings are at the heart of ERRIN’s activities, as this is where our members meet regularly to exchange information, present regional examples, build new partnerships, develop joint projects, network and much more.

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Stay up-to-date on ERRIN's wide range of activities in Brussels and make sure you are informed about our upcoming Working Group meetings.

  • By Hilary Webb

Cultural heritage education & training in Europe – pathways to qualifications

ERRIN's CHARTER project has published a new report, 'Cultural heritage education & training in Europe – pathways to qualifications.' The report addresses the European education and training schemes, describing and analysing their many layers.

  • By Hilary Webb

'Research and Innovation for the Future of Europe' manifesto delivered to Conference Plenary members

The manifesto 'Research and Innovation for the Future of Europe' has been delivered to the Conference Plenary members, which will meet on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 January to debate the first 90 recommendations adopted in recent weeks by the European Citizens’ Panels.

  • By Jenna Huhtanen

Metropolia UAS (FIN): Looking for NEB consortium HORIZON-CL2-2022-HERITAGE-01

The RDI team of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland, has a keen interest in developing design mechanisms for collaborative deliberation that support democratic, data-driven decision-making in the context of planning urban environments and green infrastructure. The team specialises in facilitating collaboration between experts of different disciplines, professions, and stakeholder groups, ways to visualise and communicate complex information to support public deliberation processes and exploring novel extended reality (XR) technology as a tool to support this.

Our services

Our services

Some examples of what you can gain from an ERRIN membership


We support collaboration and project development between members through providing networking opportunities to share project ideas, best practices, and personal contacts.

R&I policy

We provide concrete input to European research and innovation policy based on our members' experiences and expertise. 

Working groups

Here members can exchange knowledge and best practices in different thematic areas. We also work to create partnerships between members and external organisations. 

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If you would like to find out more about the benefits of ERRIN membership, please contact ewa.chomicz@errin.eu.