How does the Project Development Tool?

The PDT has been designed to be a dynamic platform aimed at fostering collaboration and enhancing project opportunities among ERRIN members. It supports a bottom-up approach, aligning with members' interests. The tool enables users to express interest in calls, facilitating connections and consortia development among members. When significant interest in calls is observed, ERRIN Working Groups or Task Forces may initiate tailored project development activities.

Call information is sourced from the European Commission's Funding and Tenders Portal. While ERRIN strives to keep this information current and accurate, we do not guarantee its validity. Users are advised to rely on this information at their own risk.

Calls from the European Commission's Funding and Tenders Portal are integrated into the ERRIN website and categorised according to their relevance to Working Groups, Task Forces, and ERRIN members' interests.

Yes, ERRIN staff conduct a preliminary review of calls from the Funding and Tenders Portal to streamline the selection process for members. This review focuses on research, innovation, and calls pertinent to regional innovation ecosystems.

Yes, the PDT is designed specifically for ERRIN members to express interest in calls and facilitate the development of successful projects.

  1. Expressing personal interest in a call.
  2. Expressing interest on behalf of a regional stakeholder.
  3. Submitting a partner search to recruit project partners.

External partners cannot use the expression of interest feature but may submit a partner search for project development. They cannot access information within the PDT but can be contacted by ERRIN members through the tool.

The PDT does not include cascade funding calls. These calls, which often do not require transnational collaboration, are listed on a dedicated cascade funding page.

To better support ERRIN's Working Groups, Task Forces, and Clusters, specific pages may be developed to streamline the call review process for members.

The PDT promotes collaboration by allowing users to see others' expressions of interest in a call only after expressing their own interest.

ERRIN will use the aggregate number of expressions of interest to gauge call popularity, potentially leading to direct contact for organising project development activities.

ERRIN will continue to organise project development activities through a bottom-up approach via Working Groups and Task Forces, with the PDT serving to facilitate these initiatives.




Notification System

The PDT features a notification system that alerts users when others express interest in the same call, fostering direct communication through a contact form.

Yes, you can opt out of receiving notifications. However, we advise against doing so. The primary purpose of the Project Development Tool is to connect interested parties, and opting out of notifications may limit your ability to fully engage with potential collaborators and stay informed about relevant project opportunities.

The decision was made not to allow multiple contact persons for a single EOI, based on feedback for a streamlined process. However, an admin contact can be assigned to a member for an overview of all EOIs linked to that member, facilitating some level of tracking without direct involvement in each communication.



The Project Development Tool collects personal information through 'Expression of Interest' and 'Get in Touch' forms. This information may be directly provided by users or pulled from their user accounts. By submitting these forms, users either confirm their consent to share their personal data or affirm that they have obtained consent from individuals whose data they are sharing.

All personal data collected via the Project Development Tool is managed in accordance with our Data Management Policy. While email addresses are not shared within the tool, it enables users to contact each other through an online form. Users can opt out of being contacted by deselecting the option "I would like to be contacted by other interested ERRIN members."

Yes, users have the option to control their communication preferences. By deselecting the option "I would like to be contacted by other interested ERRIN members" in their profile or submission forms, users can opt out of being contacted by other ERRIN members.

We are committed to the security of user data. All contact made through the Project Development Tool is stored securely within the EU. Contact data is stored but not reviewed by ERRIN, ensuring a level of user privacy. Our data handling practices comply with EU data protection regulations, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your personal information and data privacy, we encourage you to contact us. We are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of all parties involved and will provide assistance and clarification on our data management practices.