How does the Project Development Tool work?

The PDT serves as an effective platform for fostering collaboration and increasing project opportunities for ERRIN members, ensuring a bottom-up process tailored to the members interests. By navigating the tool, you can:

  • Access a comprehensive list of calls for proposals sourced directly from the European Commission's Funding and Tenders Portal, pre-selected by the ERRIN secretariat;
  • Express your interest on behalf of your organisation or of your stakeholders;
  • Connect with members who have expressed interest in the same calls, fostering collaboration and partnership opportunities.

The follow-up actions are facilitated by an enhanced notification system, allowing members who have expressed interest in the same calls to initiate discussions, exchange ideas and further explore potential collaboration.

Additionally, high interest in particular calls will trigger the organisation of activities, such as matchmaking sessions or project development workshops, through ERRIN Working Groups and Task Forces.

Explore the ERRIN project development tool, a gateway to your next project!

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