Management Board

The Management Board consists of 15 representatives, who are elected from ERRIN’s membership and then confirmed by the Annual General Meeting for a period of three years. Every year a maximum of five seats are up for election. The Management Board is led by a Chair and two Vice-Chairs who are elected by the board for two years. The Management Board also elects a treasurer every year who oversees ERRIN’s finances. The Chair and the Vice-Chairs work closely with the ERRIN Director and represent ERRIN externally.

The Management Board is responsible for preparing and implementing ERRIN’s Annual Work Plan in line with the budget, while also providing direction for the activities of ERRIN’s Working Groups and deciding on ERRIN’s involvement in strategic projects and partnerships.


Priorities 2022-2023

ERRIN’s Management Board has set their work plan for 2022-2023 based on the ERRIN member survey results, the joint session with the Working Group leaders, as well as two co-creation sessions carried out during the Spring of 2022. Two main priorities were defined as EU Missions and Widening and deepening engagement with a continuation of a dedicated Management Board Task Force. Two other priorities, skills and higher education, as well as entrepreneurship and industrial ecosystems, were considered as development areas, which should be further explored. The Management Board priorities serve as a general framework to guide ERRIN’s activities and create a connection with the Working Groups.