South Denmark European Office

We connect southern danish businesses, public and private actors to the European Union, its funding programmes and international networks and partnerships. Our team of EU consultants provide expert guidance, assistance with project development and network opportunities that enable southern Danish and international partners to share know-how and develop international projects that deliver growth, learning and development. The South Denmark European Office (SDEO) is a not-for-profit association and partnership between the Region of Southern Denmark and the region’s 22 municipalities.

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South Denmark European Office

S3 Strategy

The South Denmark European Office supports Smart Specialisation through its close collaboration with Business Hub Southern Denmark and Business Hub Fyn. These two independent public bodies support danish companies and build relationships between private-sector and public-sector organisations, to harness regional strengths that further Denmarks’s national Smart Specialisation and business development strategies.

Strategic R&I Projects

FUTE - Future Teaching

FUTE aims to support the modernisation of European education. The Erasmus+ project works to implement more design thinking into the educational curriculum in schools across Europe.

EDEN - Embracing Dementia

EDEN is an Erasmus+ project with relatives, health professionals, volunteers and civil society actors to build and support better collaborative care for people living with dementia.


The Erasmus+ SPISEY project works to improve social inclusion of European youth by creating inclusive school and learning environments for all.


The Erasmus+ DISH project aims at bridging the “missing link” between the progressive digitalisation of the healthcare sector and the lack of eHealth and innovation skills among health and social care professionals.

Co-Creating Welfare

Co-Creating Welfare aims to build skills in health and social care, education and youth. The Erasmus+ project has developed new curricula, education methods and training courses for professionals in the welfare sector.


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Latest Tweets

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  • By Helle Bech Sørensen-Hylle

Searching for consortium forming under the Ocean Mission's citizen science-calls

The University of Southern Denmark is searching for consortiums under the Horizon Ocean Mission citizen science calls.

  • By Hilary Webb

Successful ERRIN - EC dialogue on Mission Starfish

On 18 June ERRIN’s Blue Growth Working Group organised together with the Mission Starfish Secretariat a dialogue on the role of regions in area-based lighthouses anticipated in the Mission. It was an opportunity for ERRIN members to come together with those working on the Mission and its implementation plan to discuss potential lighthouse activities, their scale and governance.

  • By Hilary Webb

Health WG meeting: Cancer and the role of personalised medicine in fighting cancer

This Health Working Group meeting will generate an informed discussion on how personalised medicine can contribute to the fight against cancer.

  • By Hilary Webb

International Conference on Integrated Care 2022 (ICIC22)

The 22nd International Conference on Integrated Care will take place in Odeon in Odense and online from 23 - 25 May. 

  • By Cecilie Tvilum

Embracing dementia final conference - How to create dementia friendly and inclusive societies

The EDEN project has been conceived to support relatives, health care professionals and local communities, in their collaboration and effort to create better lives for people living with dementia. EDEN has developed solutions and material that can support local stakeholders to collaborate better and create more dementia friendly and inclusive societies that correspond better to the needs of people living with dementia and their relatives, and therefore are more sustainable. We are organising a conference to show the results from the project, as well as debating and raising the awareness about the needs of people living with dementia and their relatives, and how we can embrace dementia as a community challenge and not as an individual challenge.